• To whom does our privacy policy apply?

    The information listed below is intended for users of the «INCOOLS» website to inform them about the procedure for collecting personal data, their use, storage and protection.

    Attention! Using, filling out a request for feedback (User Feedback Service), you agree to our use of this information, its storage and protection as specified in this document. If you do not agree with the privacy policy, please do not use our customer feedback service.

  • Which data (information) do we collect?

    Technical information. During a visit to the website there is information that is automatically recorded (the address of your internal protocol, the address of the web page you visited, the country, city from which you entered the page, as well as the provider, the type and settings of your browser, the date and time of your access, the language you've selected when visited the page and other web tracking services)

    Information that you specify by filling out a request for feedback. When you fill out a request for feedback, you voluntarily provide us with information through which we can identify you (first name, last name, contact details), and we also give you the opportunity to ask us a question online to the operator by filling in the appropriate box in the bottom right the corner

    By leaving personal data on the Website and using the Website, the User expresses its full agreement with the terms of this Policy.

    Attention! You have the right to erase personal information («the right to be forgotten») in accordance with paragraph (a) of Article 17 (1). To exercise this right, please contact us at:

  • How do we use the information we collect?

    The information you have provided may be used to send you documents and information, to contact you, to discuss your interest in the on-line service, our products and services, as well as to send you information about promotions or events.

    Any information that is voluntarily submitted in the form of feedback in our on-line service or in any survey that we initiate, in which you are participating, is used for the purpose of reviewing this feedback, the opportunity to contact you to answer your questions , sending information, improving our online service, etc..

    Through the collection of these data that we analyze the actions of visitors and website performance in order to optimize it and improve its functionality..

    If necessary, at any time you can change the settings of your browser in order to block all cookies, or notifications about sending them. Please remember, that after such a reconfiguration of the browser, some functions and services of the website will be unavailable.

    In case of disagreement of the User with the terms of this Policy, the use of the Website and / or any Services available when using the Website should be immediately terminated.

  • The purpose for which this data is needed:

    Your Name is used for personal calls to you, e-mail and phone number are needed for emailing, news, useful information and commercial offers.

    The data you provide can not be disclosed to third parties under any circumstances, except as required by law. This information is stored on secure servers and is used in accordance with its privacy policy.

    Also, if necessary, you can turn off the emailing at any time by deleting your contact information from our database. To do this, each email you receive has a special link to which you need to click to unsubscribe from the emailing.

Terms of use of the website, as well as services provided by the administration

  • The user, when using the Website, confirms that:

    - possesses all necessary rights enabling them to communicate with the Administration and use the Site Services;

    - indicates valid information about themself in the amounts necessary for using the Website Services;

    - acquainted with this Policy, expresses the agreement with it and assumes the rights and obligations specified in it. Acquaintance with the terms of this Policy and ticking under the link to this Policy is the written consent of the User to the collection, storage, processing and transfer to third parties of personal data provided by the User.

    The Administration does not verify the accuracy of the received (collected) information about the Users, except in cases when such verification is necessary in order to fulfill obligations to the User.

  • Methods of protection of personal data:

    To protect your personal information listed on our website, we use various security measures: administrative, technical and managerial. Also, we observe various international control standards that are designed to work with personal information.

    Each employee working at our Company is familiar with the rules, control instructions and Privacy Notice. And, despite the fact that we are trying to protect your personal data, we still recommend that you take all necessary security measures yourself while you are surfing the Internet. Our site is protected from unauthorized use of the information you provide, however, we cannot guarantee that our safety measures will prevent illegal access to this information by hackers of other organizations.

    In that case, if this Privacy Policy is changed, you can learn about it by reading the information on this page.