Berry storage

Economic efficiency directly depends on the proper organization of the collection and processing of products. There are different storage systems for different volumes, terms and conditions, and the manufacturer needs to understand their advantages and limitations.

What for ULO is needed for berries?

  • Products can be stored longer
  • Higher quality and increased shelf-life - storage after storage
  • Suppression of rotting products

Recommendations on parameters of ULO (Ultra Low Oxygen)
Fresh product
O2 %
CO2 %
8 months
1%, 4-6%
1%, 8-10%
6-8 weeks
high CO2, better density
Very dependent on the quality
product deccay suppression

Storage options may vary. Should always consult with technologists!

Storage systems of berries in ULO (Ultra Low Oxygen)
Storage systems of berries in ULO
Manual palletized storage
Individual O2 / CO2 control for pallets in ULO-bags with manual control
Short term storage. For example, in transport
Аutomated pallet storage systems
Individual O2 / CO2 control for pallets in ULO-bags by an automatic system, modularly expandable
Medium / long-term storage of 32 pallets per module.
Sectional storage system
Centralized O2 / CO2 monitoring system: 10-60 pallets with an ULO bag connected to the central system of supply / selection tubes and a mixing unit for monitoring O2 / CO2 levels.
Medium / long term storage, large sections 20-250 pallets
Mini ULO-camera
ULO cameras with O2 / CO2 monitoring system.
Medium- / long-term storage, large storage volumes

Manually operated pallet storage

  • Suitable for short-term storage;
  • CO2 manual feed;
  • O2/CO2 measurement every 2-3 days;
  • labor-intensive in work;
  • small volumes;
  • low cost.

Automated pallet storage systems

Control system:

  • Easy to connect tubes;
  • Easy access to system components;
  • Mobile Management.


  • Control system + analyzer;
  • N2 generator;
  • CO2 source (cylinders);
  • Tubes and connectors;
  • Air compressor.

Sectional storage system

  • Pallets in ULO bags according to groups/sections;
  • each pallet is connected by two tubes to the centre withdrawal and supply pipe, to which the mixing system is connected by a fan;
  • 10-60 pallets per section;
  • precise adjustment of O2/CO2 levels due to circulation in the section;
  • power-efficient/economical.


  • Control system + section analyzer;
  • N2 generator + CO2 cylinders.

Mini ULO Cameras

Control system

  • Any storage capacity;
  • Long term storage;
  • Accurate control of O2 / CO2 levels;
  • H2O measurement (optional);
  • Optimum storage temperature.


  • Hermetic chamber and doors;
  • N2 generator (nitrogen);
  • CO2 cylinders;
  • Control system + analyzer;
  • Ventilation fan.

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