Cooling and freezing

«INCOOLS» company supplies and installs world-class industrial refrigeration equipment for shock freezing chambers. Customized approach to each project allows us to take into account all the aspects of your business and select refrigeration units that will be as efficient as possible. We deal with both the modernization of existing refrigerated storage facilities and the development of projects on a turnkey basis.

Cost effectiveness

Shock freezing reduces weight loss by 2 times and increases the shelf life of products, thereby reducing possible waste.



Modern equipment allows freezing from 50 kg/h to 10 000 kg/h.



Shock freezing preserves the cellular structure, all useful trace elements and up to 85-90% of vitamins.



Freezing of vegetables and fruits does not involve thermal or chemical treatment, as a result, the protein structure of the cells does not change and the products retain their ecological purity.


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