Cooling of berries

Cooling of berries yield is a very delicate and complex process. It is extremely important to cool down the berries after harvesting as quickly as possible and properly if they are planned to be stored from 2 to 10 months.


Air cooling

Forced air cooling — products are cooled by a large air flow generated by additional fans. The boxes (pallets, packages) with berries should be arranged in a certain way so that the cooled air penetrates from all sides.

Do not forget that the rapid flow of air reduces the humidity in the premises. As a result, the berries lose weight, therefore given method of cooling products requires monitoring of humidity level in the refrigerating chamber.

Hydro cooling

Hydro cooling is a more efficient way, water is a better heat conductor, thus the cooling process is faster. When adding antiseptic substances, you destroy the remnants of chemicals that process the berries in the process of growing, and various pathogens.

Cooling with ice water occurs in two ways: irrigation and dipping of berries. Shower irrigation is suitable for small berries and speeds up the cooling process; dipping is effective for products that are submerged in water under their own weight. Please note, that berries can be both in packaged and unvarnished form. Hydro cooling minimizes the percentage of product loss.


Vacuum cooling


Berries are a perishable product, so for long-term storage with minimal losses it is important to correctly determine the moment of harvesting and quickly cool the yield. Cooling speed is your key to successful product storage.

Cost effectiveness

Product loss is minimized through the use of modern technology



Promptly cooled berries and the right temperature in refrigerated storage facilities allow storing products within a long time


Taste and appearance

After cooling, the taste, appearance and vitamin composition are fully preserved during storage



Long-term preservation and high-quality indicators allow an entrepreneur to sell products at the most advantageous time


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