Vegetable storehouse. Construction planning and equipment.


We suggest you to download a checklist (instructions) that will help you consider the main factors that should be considered when planning a storehouse.

When planning the construction of a vegetable storehouse, it is important to consider a large number of factors that are conceptually important for designing of a structure, choosing of equipment and structures, contractor and construction organizations. After all, the consequences of missing of parts at the design stage can be very expensive for the operation or reconstruction of a storehouse.

Concept development: first of all, it is necessary to determine the crop type or types that you plan to store. Different products (potato, carrot, onion, garlic, beetroot) are stored differently. This affects the need for the construction of separate storage rooms, which must be adapted to the storage conditions of each crop type. Planning of future storage is determined by the volume of products, size and method of storage - bulk or container.

Important components of the storage project that determine its final budget are:

1) type and volume of products, sale deadline;

2) choice of storage technology;

3) infrastructure provision;

4) logistics;

5) constructional materials and equipment;

6) availability of qualified staff;

7) cost of operation and development prospects in general.

If we convert product losses that occurred as a result of errors and savings at the design, construction and equipment selection stages, they can exceed the cost of investing in high-quality ventilation and technical cooling systems that would actually be justified and paid back. It should be realized that the choice of equipment, storage technologies, level of current expenses depends on storage life of products.

At the same time, the costs will be higher for the storage and storehouse maintenance. In this case, any errors become even more visible. As practice shows, the launch of even the most modern high-tech and automated storage facilities does not always help agricultural producers. Failure to observe the storage rules leads to product losses. But if a specialist responsible for storage clearly understands what he/she saves and how to do it correctly, while he/she strictly observes the temperature conditions, humidity indicators, controls the ventilation, there will be no problems, and crop losses will be minimal.

Customers, intending to attract contractor organizations for the design and construction of storage facilities, in most cases are guided by their own needs, time factor and price/quality ratio. In most cases, preference is given to the main criterion - the cost of work, omitting the construction process technologies, equipment selection, storage rules.

Thus, when choosing a contractor organization, it is important to find out how much its specialists are competent and experienced in storage technologies. It is not just about knowing the technologies for storage facility byilding, equipment models and capacity, best manufacturers and suppliers, but also about the meaningful understanding of its proper use, combination, installation and maintenance, as well as the perfect knowledge about the storage features of each crop.

Therefore, before trusting your investment, it is worth observing the following information:

- Successfully implemented organization projects and the experience of specialists with whom you have to work;

- Reviews of previous customers;

- Cost of work and equipment with mandatory financial and technical justifications for the choice;

- Period of work execution, equipment supply, installation.

At all stages, from finding the contractors to object acceptance, it is important to constantly monitor all the work by a customer or agent.

In addition to the quality construction, installation and equipping works at the storage facility, it is important that the contractor organization provides you with warranty obligations, additional service, quality staff training to comply with all the rules for the operation of equipment and technological support for completed projects.

That is why, before entrusting the funds, time and fate of the future business as a whole - take an interest in the reputation, completed projects, find the opportunity to communicate with colleagues in the market who already had experience in working with these contractors."


We suggest you to download a checklist (instructions) that will help you consider the main factors that should be considered when planning a storehouse.


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