Storage of bananas

«INCOOLS» designs modern storage facilities with automatic control. We consult, design, build, select and deliver the necessary equipment for the storage cameras for bananas.


Technology of storage of bananas differs from other fruits. Banana fruits are delivered in an unripe form, so first, the products are placed in aeration chambers, and then - in storage.

Gassing is a process that allows the fruit to ripen and acquire the necessary taste, properties and structure.

Bananas are heated to a certain temperature in specially equipped chambers (for ripening), then a gas mixture of nitrogen and ethylene is sprayed.

Ethylene starts the process of bananas ripening, the humidity should be at least 90%.

Gas processing lasts 24 hours, then the fruits ripen under normal conditions within 3-7 days.


Fruit storage facilities

Air humidifiers

Humidifiers and dehumidifiers — maintain the necessary humidity in the storage facility. These devices contribute to the prevention of shrinkage of products and maintaining high turgor.


Fruit storage facilities

Nitrogen generator

Nitrogen generator - delivers high purity nitrogen to the chamber. Advantages: VSA type nitrogen generators, in contrast to PSA, are reliable in operation, nitrogen purity is more than 96%, operate at low pressures.


Fruit storage facilities

Refrigeration equipment

Refrigeration equipment - Refrigeration equipment - provides optimum temperature and air circulation inside the storage chambers. We use two types of refrigeration systems: - Direct expansion - with direct evaporation; - Non Direct expansion - with an intermediate coolant.


Fruit storage facilities

Equipment for DCS (Dynamic control system )

Еquipment DYNAMIC CONTROL SYSTEM allows adjusting the level of O2 and CO2 inside the storage chamber is very accurate (within 1 ppb - parts per billion). Quick and easy adjustment of the optimal percentage of oxygen. Daily double measurement of ethanol indicators.


Fruit storage facilities


Scrubber is an equipment for absorbing carbon dioxide, which is the product of fruit breathing. 

It contains a molecular sieve that retains carbon dioxide gas molecules when air is passed  from the storage chamber through an adsorber.


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