Storage of carrot

«INCOOLS» has extensive experience in building carrot storage facilities. We know all the details of the technology of storing root crops, therefore, the design and construction of storage facilities are carried out strictly according to the necessary criteria.


After harvesting carrots, the roots should be cleaned within 24 hours, dried if the harvesting was carried out in wet weather, and cooled to 0 + 1 ° С.

The faster the products will receive a minimum temperature, the less will be the losses during storage. Please note, that the roots should be without mechanical damage, not sluggish and not frostbitten.

Products are stored in boxes/containers.

Root crops are poured with sand, it is desirable to treat them with a mixture of clay and lime. Carrots are immersed in the mixture, dried and put in boxes of 20-25 kg.

Due to this procedure, vegetables will be protected from moisture, wilting and diseases.

Carrot storage chambers must be equipped with a powerful cooling system. Products should be cooled within 24 hours after harvest to slow down the metabolism inside the carrot.

After complete cooling of the product, the temperature of the air in the storage chambers remains in the range from 0 to + 1 ° C.

Also it is necessary to comply with the main storage condition - the correct humidity in the storage chambers: 95-98%


Vegetable storage facilities

Refrigeration equipment

Refrigeration equipment is necessary for quick and effective cooling of products - this allows you storing vegetables for a long time and without significant losses. We use refrigeration equipment integrated into the ventilation system: special heat exchange equipment for vegetable storage facilities from leading foreign manufacturers.


Vegetable storage facilities

Longitudinal ventilation system for potatoes storage

Its unique features is that the system uses outside air and supplies it to the storage facility. In most cases we use Dutch equipment. The main tasks of the ventilation system are: drying, cooling and heating products, removing CO2.


Vegetable storage facilities

Pressure drying wall

The storage system allows forcing air through the products. Under high pressure, air is supplied through a pallet hole in the container, the lower part of which is closed by plugs. Given system allows quick drying and coolling the vegetables inside the container. Advantages of the technology: the intensity of ventilation is regulated, effective cooling of products, less energy consumption, the ability to separately store products of different grades.


Vegetable storage facilities

Dryer wall of «Reverse Action»

A zone of rarefied air (negative pressure) is created between the side walls of the containers, this allows the air flow to quickly pass through the product, drying and cooling simultaneously. Advantages of the technology: all containers are cooled evenly, the ability to store products of different varieties, effective ventilation of vegetables, minimal energy consumption.


Vegetable storage facilities

Humidification system

To avoid shrinkage of the products, vegetable storage facilities are equipped with additional air humidification equipment. This allows to preserve the high quality of the vegetable. Each type of vegetable requires the selection of customized equipment to avoid the appearance of water drops in the atmosphere of the storage facility and on vegetables.


Vegetable storage facilities

Storage management system

Specially developed software allows monitoring the work of the entire vegetable storage facility. The system makes it possible to regulate the atmosphere in the storage facility depending on external and internal factors. The program notifies of changes, errors, critical temperatures and allows to change the parameters of storage facility remotely.


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